S-Series Concept Cell Phone is Slick and Strange

S-Series Concept Cell Phone is Slick and Strange


Leave it up to the folks at Yanko Design to pump out interesting products that’ll tickle your fancy but will probably never make it to production. Following in the footsteps of so many designs before it, the S-series cell phone combines “sleek, sophisticated styling, with top quality materials all put together in a compact package.” I guess it’s called the S-series because it’s a slider.

The glowing blue light at the bottom reminds me of the Nintendo Wii, whereas the wood grain-like appearance is reminiscent of my dad’s ancient Oldsmobile. Clearly designed with a sense of high society in mind, the S-series cell phone would come equipped with aluminum accents, a larger color display, and possibly even dual cameras for video calls.

As always, no word on whether this will ever get beyond the 3D rendering stage, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.