Are Cell Phones Killing Bees?

Are Cell Phones Killing Bees?


Forget about killer bees, because the phenomenon seems to be going in reverse. According to a recent research study at Landau University, bees appear to have an adverse reaction to cell phones wherein they refuse to return to their hives if there is cell phone radiation nearby. If the colonies don’t reconvene after a day out pollinating and ruining backyard barbecues, they start to die off from lack of resources being brought back to the hive. This is referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

These are very early findings, so we’re far from being able to draw any sort of conclusion, but it does seem to indicate that cell phone radiation can have negative effects on the environment around us. If it is the case and cell phones are killing off the bees, you’ve got to wonder if some sort of chain reaction will take place in nature.

The scary thing is that the East Coast of the US recently lost 70% of its commercial bee population. The West Coast isn’t far behind. Is it because all those beekeepers are yapping away on their RAZRs?