R/C Car Gets Hopped Up On Fuel Cell Power

R/C Car Gets Hopped Up On Fuel Cell Power


It might be some ways away before any of us have a chance to just waltz into a dealership and buy a car that is completely powered by hydrogen, but in the meantime, we can get our fuel cell fix at 1/10 scale. If you’re a fan of model cars, particularly those that can get remotely controlled, then you’ll be very interested in the fuel cell retrofit kit by Horizon Fuel Cell, the same people that produced the “H-Racer ready-to-run R/C car.”

It doesn’t seem to take much to plunk the hydrogen-powered kit into a Tamiya TT-01 chassis, which in turn can be fitted with all sorts of car bodies. The crew at Jalopnik are considering a project that’ll result in a fuel cell-powered ’67 GTO.

The Horizon fuel cell kit provides up to 70 minutes of driving time and should be available now.