Patent: PDA with a Removable Cell Phone

Patent: PDA with a Removable Cell Phone


One of the more common complaints against PDA style cell phones is that they are too large and clunky to carry around. This recently filed patent seems to address this issue by providing a detachable cell phone.

Based on the picture, the main PDA unit will look much like a Palm Treo with a large color screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and stubby antenna on top to grab those airwaves. However, when all you need is to make a few voice calls, you can flip this PDA over and actually remove an embedded unit that will act independently as a cell phone. It takes up the space of where the battery would normally go, so you’ve got to wonder how the power situation works for a device like this.

When the two are attached together as one synergistic package, they can synchronize with one another. When apart, they can presumably act independently with the PDA handling the scheduling and the cell phone doing the voice calls and basic text messages.

An interesting idea that may work in theory, but will this funky design work in practice?