One of the Skinniest Sony VAIOs to Date

One of the Skinniest Sony VAIOs to Date


I’ve always been a firm believer that laptops should be infinitely portable while maintaining the same sort of functionality as their full-sized brethren. Following this line of thought is the ultra-thin Sony VAIO G Series laptop, a 12.1-incher that weighs just 1.04kg (2.29 lbs). That includes the battery.

I’m not sure if this is a typo, but they’re saying that the LCD panel is just 0.2mm thick. That’s ridiculously skinny, going right in line with the rest of this slim computing solution. To prevent being too flimsy, Sony opted for a carbon fiber construction “which is both strong and lightweight.” Other key features include a quiet fan and keyboard, as well as a claimed battery life of 11.5 hours.

Current asking price in Korea for the Sony VAIO G Series (VGN-G115LN/B) is 2,499,000 KRW. That works out to about US$2,680.