Hands-On with the Trendnet Wireless-N Router

Hands-On with the Trendnet Wireless-N Router


Some people just can’t wait. Everyone is growing impatient of the whole ratification process, so the marketplace is already getting flooded with all sorts of gadgetry adhering to the wireless-N draft spec. We’ve seen routers from Belkin, Linksys, D-Link, and all the other major manufacturers. Well, I was lucky enough to take the new Wireless-N Firewall Router from Trendnet out for a test drive, and well, I was less than impressed.

I thought it was interesting that the setup was not through a CD, but rather through the web-based interface allowing you to interact with the router directly. This route may prove to be a little difficult for newbies, but luckily Trendnet has a toll-free technical support line to hold you hand along the way. Connection was easy, and while the plastic casing feels cheap, construction is reasonably solid.

But that’s not why you’d want this router anyways. You want it for added boost in speed over 802.11b/g routers, right? Well, unfortunately the speed difference doesn’t really seem worth the price of admission with max throughput being clocked in the 80Mbps range, a far cry from the 300Mbps claimed on the box. Too bad. For the full review, check out the Read link below.