Baby Pink Zune Now For Sale on Amazon

Baby Pink Zune Now For Sale on Amazon


Zune 2.0 might be coming sooner than we thought. If you head on over to Amazon, you’ll discover that the baby pink-colored Microsoft Zune is no longer available “soon”, it’s available now. And it’s carries the same $249.99 MSRP as its swamp water brown cousin.

In fact, it’s identical to the first-generation Zune in every way, except it has been distinctly feminized with the powder pink case. I’m not sure why the navigation wheel near the bottom is still black though; don’t you think the pink Zune would look a lot better with a white wheel, perhaps?

The pink Zune is up for grabs right now, and it even comes with free shipping. Presumably, it’ll start making its appearance at other retailers any day now.