AT&T Launches Cingular-Branded Nokia 2160

AT&T Launches Cingular-Branded Nokia 2160


I thought Cingular was the new AT&T. Imagine my surprise when I found the newly announced Nokia 2160 sporting all sorts of Cingular badging. You would think that with the transition in full swing that they’d stop putting out new phones with that orange splat of a mascot, replacing it with a whirly blue globe.

Then again, the Nokia 2160 is pretty pathetic, so it just may have flown under the PR radar. It’s got a CSTN screen, dual-band GSM (850/1900) radios, 2MB of internal memory, and class 6 GPRS as its fastest data option. There’s no camera, no media player, no fancy doo-dahs to speak of. What’s even stranger is that you actually have to pay to get this phone.

The Nokia 2160 entry-level candybar — which is seemingly only good for voice calls and maybe the occasional text message — is on sale now for $20 with a two-year contract.