Introducing iPods to Kids While They’re Still Tadpoles

Introducing iPods to Kids While They’re Still Tadpoles


People frown on introducing cigarettes and alcohol to children, but getting them addicted to all things Apple is not a problem at all. Hook them young, they say, and they will never be able to leave. I can see Steve Jobs smiling now. The Tadpole iPod Case by iFrogz makes the otherwise delicate iPod much more kid-friendly, because it adds in some huge rubber handles, a soft shell to protect against random bumps and bruises, and it comes with “child-sized headphones”, because those glossy white earbuds just won’t do.

Although this case is designed to be ultra-sturdy, there are a few notable areas that are still exposed to the elements. Little Timmy can still accidentally crack that color screen and little Susie will have no trouble spilling her apple juice all over the click wheel. I guess they need access to those, but it might have been better to include some clear plastic or something. You know, like the kind that is wrapped all around grandma’s sofa in the sitting room.

The iFrogz Tadpole iPod Case is on sale now for £24.99 (US$49).