USB Stamp Drive is a Barrel of Fun

USB Stamp Drive is a Barrel of Fun


We’ve seen USB thumb drives, memory sticks, and even flash drives that look like hamburgers. Why not keep the design train rolling with the USB Stamp Drive from the quirky dudes at SolidAlliance? Marketed to the super geek who wants something different than the rest of his pocket-protecting friends, the Stamp USB Key is shaped like a AA battery but carries no juice of its own.

Based on the XStamper name, you may think that it’s shaped like those fun stamp kits you give out to children to decorate their schoolbooks, but this drive doesn’t have any inky pattern on it either. Yup, it’s just another flash drive.

The worst part of it all is that it contains a measly 256MB of memory inside, which is barely adequate for most of our needs today. No word on price, but given the simple design and lack of memory, I’d say that the ultra-geeky Stamp USB Key will sell for pretty cheap in Japan.