Ultrasuede Laptop Skin Sexifies Budget Notebook

Ultrasuede Laptop Skin Sexifies Budget Notebook


So, you can’t afford to buy the most expensive Asus Lamborghini or Acer Ferrari laptop. I don’t blame you. Most of us don’t need to rock something quite that sexy (or pay the hefty premium to do so). Instead, you can transform your budget-minded notebook into one svelte computing machine with an Ultrasuede Laptop Skin. It’s all soft and velvety. It’s begging to get touched. Go ahead, give it a stroke.

Available from Schtickers, these laptop skins are — as you can probably guess — glorified stickers with a furry top. But hey, this way you can easily hide that el cheapo brand that nobody has ever heard of. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Get touchy-feely for $29.99.