Mercedes My B Fits Your Lifestyle

Mercedes My B Fits Your Lifestyle


Some people may say that the B200 dilutes the prestigous image of Mercedes-Benz, because it is a vehicle that is actually affordable by the average Joe. Others say that the B-Class is absolute genius in that Mercedes can now capture a part of the market that they have not tapped up until now. Whatever the case, Mercedes has jumped the pond and launched the B-Class five-door hatchback in Korea, somewhat rechristening it as the “My B”, because it’s the car to suit your needs… er, my needs… er, you know what I mean.

Much like the Mercedes B200 I see cruising down my city streets, the Korea-destined “My B” is being marketed as a “multi-lifestyle vehicle” at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show. The 2.0L four-banging engine outputs a tame 136 horsepower, but you should note that the fuel economy is rated at 12.8km/L (right around the 30mpg mark).

I haven’t driven one of these, but I have sat in one. The seats are really comfy.