Mazu Kan Virtual Fighter: All Punch, No Pain

Mazu Kan Virtual Fighter: All Punch, No Pain


Think of this as Paintball for the Wii generation.

It’s called Mazu Kan, and it’s a virtual fighting experience that will let you deliver—and feel—the punches, but not too much. Get one of your friends/training partners to put on the harness. Then, you put on the other one. Finally, reach out and punch by squeezing the button on the part of the harness that wraps around your palms.

You don’t actually deliver the blow, but your training partner’s chest unit vibrates, letting him or her know that they weren’t fast enough in blocking your move. Defensive moves are part of the experience as well, although they actually do nothing more than prevent you from feeling that chest unit vibration. It’s not exactly a stunning sensation, from the looks of it, but you definitely know that you’ve been virtually struck.

That seems to be the point, really—to be able to practice landing or preventing blows without actually getting hurt. The range of these devices is 30 feet, so you can definitely clear out for maximum safety when practicing with a friend. And once you’re good enough, you can progress to the advanced level and gain attack skills like Double Power Punch.

The price should be right as well. It’s just US$29.99.