Blinking Cup Visualizes Incoming Calls

Blinking Cup Visualizes Incoming Calls


Some people have the most annoying cell phone ringtones. If you’re out in public with these folks, you can always run the other way or hum loudly when those annoying tones start … ringing. But in the workplace, you have to keep working.

Well, here’s a little something for those annoying ringtoner colleagues of yours. It’s a holder that flashes when the cell phone cradled inside gets a call. No more annoying music or buzzing of the Vibrate mode. No, it’s a pleasant kind of blinking, so that you might not even know that the colleague next to you is getting a call.

But wait, you say, what about the yammering when that colleague picks up his blinking phone and starts a conversation? Well, we’re still working on that one.

This nice little holder, though, from SIGNAL is just US$21. Try it for that soothing effect.