$499 for an iPhone? No Problem, Say Many Teens

$499 for an iPhone? No Problem, Say Many Teens


Since the announcement of the Apple iPhone, a very public debate has been conducted over the eventual price of that highly anticipated device and its price tag. Many think that the US$499 cost is too high. Others disagree.

The latest info in this debate comes from a new survey of teenagers, who will probably be one of the prime targets for Apple’s gigantic marketing campaign. This survey of 500 teens across the U.S. found that a full 125 were ready to put down some cold hard cash (or at least some good credit) for the iPhone right when it comes out. That 125 might not sound like a lot; but if you extrapolate those numbers out to be thousands, you’re talking 125,000 out of every 500,000 teens. And that’s just those under 18. Adults are a different matter entirely.

It used to be that US$500 was a big bundle of money. For many people, it still is. But when that money can buy something like the iPhone, the opportunity cost is not at all too high.