Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of Tunes

Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of Tunes


What’s the size of your fingertip but can contain 2GB of data? It’s the Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player.

This tiny device doesn’t have a viewscreen, of course, but that is no longer a vital component. Storage capacity rules the roost, even in something so small. The headphones weigh as much as the player—less than one ounce. It’s a square featuring 24mm sides.

The Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player, which also sports an FM radio tuner, can support a host of music formats, including MP1, MP2, MP3, ASF, WMA, and even WMV.

The battery life is an impressive 5 hours, and it plays nice with Mac, Windows, and Linux via a USB 2.0 connection.

It’s available now for US$99.95.