Limited iPod Virus Found in the Wild

Limited iPod Virus Found in the Wild


Yes, Virginia, there is an iPod virus.

That’s the conclusion of the venerable Kaspersky Lab, whose workers know a thing or three about viruses. The Russian security company has identified a piece of malware called Podloso, which can infect iPods that run Linux.

Now, that’s a relatively small percentage of the iPod population, but it is still a percentage and it proves the point that such a thing that could infect the wider, more traditional Apple- or Windows-running segments of the iPodverse is theoretically possible if not already among us.

Security experts call this a ” proof-of-concept” virus, which is to say something that proves the possibility of something else. But individual infection is so far the only damage that this malware can cause. Podloso can indeed infect one single machine, but it can’t be transmitted from music player to hard drive.

A cautionary tale? Definitely.