From Apple TV to Your Phone in One Simple Stream

From Apple TV to Your Phone in One Simple Stream


Take one part Apple TV, add one part SlingBox, shake up your PC a bit, and stir and stream. What do you get? If you’ve done it right, you could stream iTunes to your mobile phone.

That’s the conclusion reached by adept industry observers who confirmed the possibility with Sling Media. You’ll need a computer in the middle of all of that streaming to really make the data transfer nicely, but it should be possible. If your mobile phone isn’t running Palm, Symbian, or Windows Mobile, you’ll have to wait for an update to the SlingPlayer software. And we suppose that one intriguing possibility is the linking of Apple TV and the iPhone, which is supposed to be launched in just two short months.

What’s in it for all of us? Well, for one thing, it would make getting music from your PC to your phone a lot easier, since you wouldn’t have to depend on a large handful of memory cards or sticks to do the trick, especially if the content you’re streaming is time-consuming video. This scenario is also one step closer to the wireless house, with a mobile phone extension.