Five Reasons to Love the Nokia N95 (and Five Reasons Not to)

Five Reasons to Love the Nokia N95 (and Five Reasons Not to)


Brian Lam at Gizmodo was lucky enough to get his hands on the Nokia N95 and take it for a test drive, determining five reasons why he thinks it rocks and five reasons why he thinks it sucks. In the end, you’ve got to ask yourself whether the Nokia N95 is worth your hard-earned cash ($750 asking price), and whether the pros outweigh the cons. (Pics near the bottom)

On the plus side:

  1. The GPS is really GPS “and not some assisted-GPS that Spring and Verizon have in their phones.” There’s a huge points of interest database, but turn-by-turn is a $10/month subscription.
  2. The 5MP camera with a Carl Zeiss 2.8/5.6 autofocusing lens is superb. There’s a little bit of grain and the shutter lag is “horrendous”, but there are great controls for ISO, white balance, and so on.
  3. Lifeblog. Post any text, video, or image you take with the phone directly on your blog. Sweetness.
  4. The media player is straight-forward, the speakers are “unreasonably loud”, and the N95 boasts plenty of file support, both in terms of music and video.
  5. “Extras.” There are so many “included apps”, it’s not even funny.

On the downside:

  1. Battery life on the N95 isn’t good, especially if you make use of all those toys.
  2. HSDPA high-speed connectivity won’t work with Cingular’s network as it is designed for Europe.
  3. This phone is sluggish with a laggy OS. Blame Nokia, blame Symbian, or blame them both.
  4. It’s chunky and junky. “The world’s most powerful handset is also the thickest modern phone without a QWERTY.”
  5. It’s expensive. $750 is a lot of money, so we might have to wait until a North American carrier subsidizes this puppy.