Send Free Text Messages from Your Desktop

Send Free Text Messages from Your Desktop


Remember CallWave? The same company that brought us desktop-based visual voicemail and voicemail transcription is bringing us another fun tool to add to our increasingly cluttered desktop. Today, CallWave introduced a widget (gadget) for your Google Desktop that will allow you to send free text messages to anyone in Canada or the United States, regardless of carrier. When (and if) these people reply to these messages, you can choose to either receive them on your cell phone the regular way or have them forwarded to your email address.

“Web 2.0 widgets are an explosive channel for delivering cutting-edge software and services to end-users,” said CallWave CEO David Hofstatter. “They are extremely simple to download and this one creates an innovative new way to send text messages.” Of course, there are other online services out there that can do the same, but having instant access via your own widget adds a certain level of convenience.

The CallWave Free Text Messaging Widget (which can be added directly to your Google Desktop) can be found here.