Podolock Protects Your iPod Shuffle

Podolock Protects Your iPod Shuffle


That new iPod shuffle sure is small. It can fit in the tiniest of pockets, and it can also get stolen in a heartbeat.

To the rescue comes the Podolock. Even though it sounds like this device has one too many vowels in it, it does the trick, keeping your tiny shuffle away from prying hands while still allowing you to hear what’s emanating from its tiny yet powerful speaker.

In case you’re wondering, the case is made of acrylic. That should be enough to keep your shuffle in your own hands, unless the determined thief takes the whole thing, case and all.

One last thing: That new shuffle costs just US$79. The Podolock costs US$19.95. You might balk at the price of the case as not much more than the price of a replacement shuffle. But what you’re really buying here is protection for your music.