Turn Signalling in Style with BMW M Coupe

Turn Signalling in Style with BMW M Coupe


Although it wasn’t quite the SL-fighting Z9 roadster we’ve been hearing about these past few days, BMW did have a nice sports car for me to drool over at the Vancouver International Auto Show. I appreciate the design on this BMW M Coupe much more over its more phallic-shaped predecessor, but that’s not the first thing that caught my eye.

You’ll notice that the sidemarker is a BMW emblem protruding from the fender, but what’s interesting is that the ring is semi-transparent. This way, when you flick on that turn signal, it produces a glowing amber effect, instead of seeing a single bulb flash on and off.

Based on the Z4, the BMW M Coupe sports a 3.2L inline-6 cylinder engine, good for 330 horsepower. This is the same powerplant found in the ultra-powerful M3. In this way, the M Coupe shares many of its components with both the Z4 and the E46 M3.