Ford Shelby GR-1 Dipped in Chrome

Ford Shelby GR-1 Dipped in Chrome


Forget about just having little chrome door handles or a chrome window sills. This Ford Shelby GR-1 supercar concept is completely wrapped in some ultra shiny stuff, producing a metallic mirror finish all the way around. They say that the muscular aluminum skin was “left bare and polished bright.”

Showcased at the Vancouver International Auto Show, this running prototype has more just a flashy appearance: under the hood is the all-aluminum V10 engine, developing an astonishing 605 horsepower. You also get “dramatic fenders” that “dart rearwards into curvaceous haunches.” And check out how darn wide those tires are. You’ll never have to be concerned about having enough rubber on the road.

Other features include a 6-speed transaxle with limited-slip differential, a road-tested version of the Ford GT suspension, bold vertical taillights, butterfly hinged doors and a distinctive concave tail.