CompactFlash Cards Replace Hard Drives in Laptops

CompactFlash Cards Replace Hard Drives in Laptops


While those platters of storage are certainly cheaper on a per gigabyte basis, they are prone to problems if they happen to get bumped, bruised, and abused. Addonics Technologies has developed a family of CF Hard Drive Adapters wherein you can replace 2.5-inch IDE/SATA drives with regular Compact Flash media. The key advantages to the switch include the fact that CF cards are shock and vibration resistant, and they are also “less power-hungry.”

Using these new adapters, CompactFlash I/II media and MicroDrives can be used as direct replacements for the 2.5-inch platters spinning around in your laptop. This is particularly useful for industrial PCs and other heavy-duty applications.

There are three versions available for sale: the IDE replacer with a single slot is $24.99, double-slot IDE is $29.99, and single-slot SATA is $35.99. I expect that they’ll make a SATA drive replacer with two CF slots sometime in the future as well.