Keep the Beat with Roll-up Drums

Keep the Beat with Roll-up Drums


Why should guitarists and keyboard playeres have all the mobile fun? The inventors of this latest musical device took that question to heart and came up with a syncopation special that is as unique as it is functional.

It’s the Roll Up USB Drum Kit, and its name describes exactly what it is. You unroll it, plug into the USB of any PC or laptop, and start pounding out the rhythms—provided that you’ve remembered to bring along your sticks.

This is a drum machine from the 21st Century, with six different pads that you can configure to emit six different sounds (although I suppose that you could program two or three of them to be the same, like having two snares or three cymbals).

You’ll also get software that can act as both instructor and recorder, so you can progress from just starting out to challenging the world’s best-known drummers for a place in the pantheon of musical excellence.

So by now you’re wondering where you can get one and for how much. Well, you can get one here and it will cost you US$30—provided that you get your order in before the limited run runs out. More will be available in August, but the price will go up to US$45.