BMW Z9 To Debut at Shanghai Auto Show

BMW Z9 To Debut at Shanghai Auto Show


The BMW Z9 high-end sports coupe is set to be the most expensive Bimmer to date, competing directly against the Mercedes SL-Class and the Audi R8. According to Automotive News, the ultra-luxurious convertible is scheduled to make its official debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 22nd.

Key features include a folding hardtop roof and a front-engine configuration. They made no specific mention of the size and output of said engine, but “the source” did mention that BMW is considering a fixed-roof coupe version as well.

I find the choice of venue a little strange when there are places like Geneva, Detroit, and New York to do the same, but China is one of the fastest growing markets. I think it would have been great if they unveiled the Z9 at the Vancouver Auto Show, you know, so that I could see it in the flesh… er, metal and plastic.