SOHO MacBook Sleeves Mate “Couture Looks With Rock Star Flare”

SOHO MacBook Sleeves Mate “Couture Looks With Rock Star Flare”


So, you’ve just picked up a glossy new MacBook, so you’ll need a way to protect that shine without having to sacrifice anything in terms of aesthetic appeal. You not only want a sleeve that is functionally protective, but also one that looks good doing it. The new SOHO line of laptop sleeves from iSkin will fit the bill for anyone looking for an attractive protective cover for their MacBook or MacBook Pro.

They’ve been careful to mention that this new series is environmentally friendly: it’s got premium synthetic leather (no cows were presumably killed in the process) and it was dyed using “only environmentally safe inks.” Consisting of three layers — “a durable outer layer, a reinforced padded center and a plush inner lining” — the SOHO sleeves come in black with color accented zippers and stitching. Look for Azure (blue), Graphite (grey), Magnum (red), Sahara (orange), and Amazon (pink) variants.

The iSkin SOHO sleeve for 13-inch MacBooks will retail for $59.99, whereas the one for 15-inch MacBook Pros will sell for $64.99.