Money Jam: Wallets Made from Cassette Shells

Money Jam: Wallets Made from Cassette Shells


Remember those things called cassette tapes? They were after albums but before CDs, in the history of music-playing formats.

Well, they’re back—sort of. Those hankering for a link back to their childhood can relive the good old days of the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson with the Cassette Wallet.

Each wallet is a little bit different from the next one because they are made from the shells of old tapes. That’s right, this is one form of recycling that keeps on giving.

The hand-made wallets are quite simple, really, with a zipper pocket sandwiched between two cassette shells. Nothing fancy like a credit card slot or photo ID pouch, but then you wouldn’t expect a modern innovation like that from a retro product like this, now would you?

The price isn’t exactly retro, though. It’s (for this kind of thing) a rather steep US$32. Did we mention they were handmade?

Oh, one more thing: The Cassette Wallet is made in Italy, so you might be disappointed if you really expecting to find one that says Saturday Night Fever.