iPod Ownership Continues to Rise

iPod Ownership Continues to Rise


Although the web poll conducted by Jacobs Media makes specific mention of the Apple iPod, there were asking about MP3 players in general. Even with that caveat in mind, it’s quite clear that people will continue to buy portable music players — created by Apple or not — and 45% of those who don’t already own one intend to buy one in 2007.

Among the people who listen to Rock music, 47% own an iPod or similar device, whereas 67% of the Alternative listening sample were rocking MP3 players. As Jacobs Media caters to Rock-formatted radio stations, no information was gathered for fans of country music, hip hop, and so on.

The single greatest feature that people want to see in their MP3 player is an integrated FM radio — although the iPod is probably the only prominent unit to be lacking this — beating out larger capacity, larger screens, and video playback as the most sought-after addition.