iPod Owners Want to Tune in to FM

iPod Owners Want to Tune in to FM


It’s an old-school approach to a new-school philosophy: Introduce something new, create demand for something old, and blend the two together. That’s what’s being targeted in the latest study from a group of rock radio consultants. The results of that study show a clear connection between FM radio and iPods, with a full 43 percent of iPod users wanting the quaint old FM radio function to be available on their otherwise flash portable music players.

Certain accessories can bring FM to the iPod, but Apple certainly doesn’t offer this built-in functionality, except as an add-on accessory with a separate remote. The study, done by Jacobs Media, further found that 33 percent of the owners of every brand of MP3 player want to be able to roam while listening to FM, so it’s not just an iPod bling thing.

The idea of having FM radio capability on a portable music player seems to fly in the face of the standard argument that a DAP offers freedom from commercial radio. There’s also the matter of losing the signal of your favorite FM radio station as you move about with DAP in tow. But results are results, and that’s what this survey has, to the tune of 25,000 respondents.