Icron WiRanger Wireless USB Hub Based on WiFi Technology

Icron WiRanger Wireless USB Hub Based on WiFi Technology


Here’s some talk about convergence in a totally different way. Why create a whole new wireless standard when there’s a perfectly good one already here ready to be used, abused, and adapted to suit your needs. The WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub from Icron is based on 802.11g WiFi technology, letting you keep connected to your USB devices without actually being physically connected.

This is an industry first, apparently, and makes it much easier for small offices to network their printers, scanners, and hard drives, for example. No need to set up a network: just get everyone to connect to the wireless USB hub! Installation is supposed to be an absolute cinch, because it is completely plug and play.

Included in the package is the four-port hub itself, of course, but just a single dongle, so small offices will need to be a little more creative in that sense. The range has been rated at up to 100 feet.

The WiRanger USB 2.0 Cable Free Hub retails for $395.