DRM-free Good for AAC-compliant Players Only

DRM-free Good for AAC-compliant Players Only


Don’t start doing the Superior Dance just yet.

That DRM-free music that Apple and EMI have trumpeted is all well and good for iPod users, but what about Sandisk? That’s right, we’re talking about AAC files.

In DAP land, there’s a clear delineation between players that can play AACs and those that can’t. If you own a portable music player made by Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, or Sandisk (just the e200s), then you’re safe because these players will let the sounds of your favorite artists issue forth from their AAC-encoded files.

However, if you threw in your lot with Cowon, Creative, Philips, Sandisk, or Toshiba, all you’ll hear is the sounds of silence because those companies’ players don’t support AAC. This probably isn’t a permanent condition, but it’s the case now.

You’ve been wondered. DRM-free AACs: Isn’t that special?