Alcatel Dolls Up, Reveals Elle GlamPhone No.3

Alcatel Dolls Up, Reveals Elle GlamPhone No.3


I’m not exactly sold on the naming scheme, but you certainly have to hand it to Alcatel when it comes to marketing this sucker. After all, they didn’t just reveal this phone with any old model: they elicited the services of supermodel Helena Houdova. The male-dominated audience at CTIA must have, ahem, appreciated that effort.

The Elle GlamPhone No.3 appears to be a softer, sliding version of the first GlamPhone which was bolder in appearance and color. At the same time, I expect No.3 (Are they trying to trick us into associating it with Chanel No.5?) to have a fairly basic set of features. They didn’t say specifically, but I’ll venture a guess and say it’s got a VGA cam, basic text and picture messaging, and minimal on-board memory.

The Elle GlamPhone No.3, created by the business-oriented folks at Alcatel, is exclusively available at Kohl’s for an undisclosed price.