Video: Sony Ericsson W580i Pedometer in Action

Video: Sony Ericsson W580i Pedometer in Action


The Sony Ericsson W580i sliding Walkman phone is designed to be a slimmer, more affordable version of the beefier (and presumably more powerful) W850. It shares the same glossy white appearance, fun event lights, and signature orange highlights, but one of the cooler features on the W580i is that it has a built-in pedometer, making it a good option for people who enjoy going for daily jogs through the park.

In the video demo below, you’ll see this pedometer feature in action. Interestingly, it is turned on by default, counting every step you take over the course of a day, automatically resetting at midnight so that you can compare how active you were on different days of the week. When you’re going for a “real” run, it’ll also give you your time and average speed.

And yes, if you’re wondering, you can play music in the background.