Sony PSP Users Get Free Access to T-Mobile WiFi Hotspots

Sony PSP Users Get Free Access to T-Mobile WiFi Hotspots


Sony is struggling a bit in the video game market these days. The motion-sensitive Wii is easily outselling the Cell Processor-packing PS3, and the touching-is-good DS Lite is flying off the shelves, whereas the PSP is collecting a bit of dust. With hopes of revitalizing their segment of the mobile gaming market, Sony has announced that the latest firmware update for the PSP grants users free access to over 7,000 T-Mobile WiFi HotSpot locations.

Equipped with an updated PSP (firmware version 3.30), you can now play compatible games online, surf the web, and download podcasts all free of charge. You just have to find yourself a T-Mobile HotSpot, which shouldn’t be too difficult, considering that they have outfitted a number of Starbucks, Borders, Hyatt locations with the WiFi blanket.

The shame is that this is for a limited time only. The promotional offer gives you six months of WiFi access starting from when you first log into the T-Mobile HotSpot Network. After that, you’ll be offered a subscription “at a special rate.” Other updates in this new firmware include full-resolution video (720×480) and thumbnail support for video and RSS content.