Your Mobile Says a Lot about You

Your Mobile Says a Lot about You


Whet you knew it or not, your personality type can help others identify which brand of mobile phone you’re using. A new study done by Nielsen, the people who track how many of us are watching American Idol every week, has found that those who owned a particular brand of mobile phone was more than likely to have a set of traits in common with others who used that same brand of phone.

Sony Ericsson users tended to be ambitious, success-driven young men. Samsung, on the other hand, was more often found in the hands of successful, career-focused young women. Those who owned a Motorola phone tended to be fashion-conscious fun-seekers who were not yet 24 years old. LG users were typically moms and stay-at-home parents.

You have to take this announcement with a grain of salt, since people change mobile phones and carriers more often than they cut their hair. Still, the statistics tended to bear out the generalizations.