Samsung SPH-M8100 Gets Loaded with WiBro and WinMo 6

Samsung SPH-M8100 Gets Loaded with WiBro and WinMo 6


It’s almost a little greedy, don’t you think, that Samsung seems to only release their absolute hottest cell phones in their home Korea and nowhere else until the technology becomes blasse? Or maybe it’s just because I’m stuck here in Canada, where we’re in a relative stone age compared to what’s available in Seoul. Whatever the case, here’s another hot Samsung smartphone for you to desire: the SPH-M8100 features a slide-out numerical keypad, touchscreen display, and ultra-speedy WiBro connectivity.

Running on Windows Mobile 6, the Samsung SPH-M8100 PDA phone can also latch onto a CDMA 1x EV-DO network to get its data, display it all on its 2.8-inch screen, catch up on Korean dramas through the DMB TV tuner, keep things wireless with Bluetooth, and take a spur-of-the-moment snapshot with the integrated two megapixel camera. That’s a lot of goodies.

Also pictured is the SPH-9000 WiBro/HSDPA combo USB module for PCs.