Paroos G100 GPS Trainer Keeps You Entertained

Paroos G100 GPS Trainer Keeps You Entertained


When you’re going for an extended run, the last thing you want to do is carry around a backpack full of gear. It’s all about keeping lightweight. It’s all about convergence. It’s all about the Paroos G100 GPS trainer, which doubles as an MP3 player to keep your head bobbing as you feet keep stomping the pavement (or dirt path, as the case may be).

The on-board display will show you distance traveled, speed, elapsed time, and number of calories burned, but it is also there that you control the music being shot into your eardrums via the 512MB of internal memory and the on-board FM radio. Other features include the a temperature reader, an accelerometer, and your choice of three colors: silver, platinum, and black.

No word on whether the Korean-made device is heading across the pond.