Nokia 7088 Gives L’Amour to CDMA Market

Nokia 7088 Gives L’Amour to CDMA Market


Typically, the only time we ever come across a hot new CDMA cell phone is when it has already been released as a GSM unit or it’s restricted to the Korean and/or Japanese-market only. Today is different. Today, Nokia announced the hot new Nokia 7088 as part of their L’Amour Collection, but the kicker is that it’s making its debut as a CDMA handset.

Although the press release says that the “striking first impression” is because of the “jewel-like select key”, I beg to differ. My attention was immediately drawn toward the bulbous bottom half of the handset. The “bold leather-inspired textures” are certainly something different too. In terms of features on the CDMA 7088, you get an integrated camera/camcorder, LED flash, a two-way speakerphone, and built-in mobile browser. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Select markets in Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa, China and Latin America will be treated to the loving Nokia 7088 during the second quarter. No mention of an American or European launch.