Honda Civic Type R Sedan Tears It Up In Japan

Honda Civic Type R Sedan Tears It Up In Japan


We’re still waiting on the prospects of bringing the Honda Civic Type R to the United States, but in the meantime, we can drool over the ultra-quick econobox as it goes for a mountain pass run in the land of the rising sun. The Honda Civic Type R Sedan was recently launched in Japan, much to the joy of Honda fanboys throughout the multi-island nation.

As a refresher, under the hood of the new Civic Type R, you’ll find a naturally-aspirated (i.e., no turbo here) 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (K20A) good for 225 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 159 lbs-ft of torque at 6,100rpm. This easily satisfies the amazing benchmark of 100hp per liter. To my knowledge, there’s no automatic transmission offered on the Type R, restricting consumers to a much more race-worthy six-speed manual gearbox.

And here’s a video of the car in action.