Cell Phone Can Run on AAA Battery

Cell Phone Can Run on AAA Battery


This battery-powered device is not powered by lithium ion batteries, so you can put down your list of complaints. Actually, the Xenium NRG handset from Philips can run on a single AAA battery.

Now, we’re not talking about full dependence on that single battery, mind you. Actually, the phone has a regular battery that will, in time, run out of juice, just like the phone that you have. The difference with the Xenium NRG, however, is that it has a second battery in the form of the AAA backup.

Philips has not gone exclusive on the brand of AAA battery, meaning that you can slap in there any old brand of battery. Further, if you use rechargeable AAA batteries, they will get recharged right alongside your MP3 player or other portable electronic device when you plug the charger into the groun.