Yamaha NX-A01 Speaker Offers Cube Filled With Music

Yamaha NX-A01 Speaker Offers Cube Filled With Music


I never really understood the appeal of gadgets like this, because couldn’t you just as easily use a set of standard PC stereo speakers and achieve the exact same effect for a lower price? Then again, the Yamaha NX-A01 cube-shaped active speaker is much more attractive that the ugly Polk Audio speakers attached to my PC, and in the world of MP3 players, appearance means a lot.

Features include a 4W x 2 digital amplifier, 3cm titanium diaphragm, and a cool LED on the top of the speaker. Connection is via a standard 3.5mm stereo mini plug. Ironically, power only comes by way of an AC adapter, so this speaker is portable, but not exactly mobile.

Available in white or black to match your favorite glossy music player, the Yamaha NX-A01 speaker will sell for about $100 in Japan starting in mid-April.