Startup Launches Mobile Phone Classified Ad Network

Startup Launches Mobile Phone Classified Ad Network


Now this is certainly taking social networking to a new level. A startup known as iqzone has taken the wraps off a user-friendly classified ad service that lets users take snapshots of what they want to sell and then, with one step, get it onto a mobile ad network.

All you need is a phone that has both a camera and a browser. Most people have the former, not so many people have the latter. Still, the ads look better if you make your signup email an MMS, with multimedia touches and, preferably, a video. Even a static photo helps sells your product, though.

The company says the service is free, and it looks to be just that—for now, anyway. You can also create an ad using a PC or laptop.

Among the ad spaces that iqzone broadcasts to are eBay, myspace, Google, craigslist, Yahoo, oodle, and edgeio.