Samsung Says: More Memory, More Flexibility, Less Space

Samsung Says: More Memory, More Flexibility, Less Space


When you think of Flash-based memory, there are a handful of names that immediately come to mind. You’ve got your Kingstons, SanDisks, and Lexars of the world, but Samsung Electronics features quite prominently in this field as well. Today, they announced a new fusion semiconductor that “enables consumer electronics designers to use both types of NAND flash memory – single level cell (SLC) and multi-level cell (MLC).”

As this technology allows for a much higher level of flexibility, Samsung appropriately named their creation the Flex-OneNAND fusion semiconductor. The single-die solution can make use of SLC, MLC, or a combination of the two. We expect Samsung to implement the Flex-OneNAND in a number of its portable electronics, including media players and digital camcorders.

The plan is to start producing the 4GB Flex-OneNAND some time next month.