Samsung LCD Adjusts to Ambient Light Automatically

Samsung LCD Adjusts to Ambient Light Automatically


When Samsung isn’t too busy announcing slimmer and slimmer cell phones, they’re busy announcing the components that make up these cell phones. Today, we have an LCD panel that automatically adjusts its brightness to suit the ambient lighting conditions. Measuring 2.1-inches across the diagonal and offering a QVGA (320×240 pixel) resolution, this LCD panel is designed for “high-end mobile devices.”

By automatically adjusting to any lighting condition, the screen — with its Adaptive Brightness Control (ABC) — will make itself as readable as possible. We’ve all experienced having our displays washed out by the brightness of the sun; now you don’t have to worry about that. In addition to cell phones, Samsung also plans on implementing the technology in PDAs and portable media players.

Knowing Samsung, this display is ultra-thin (“no more than a single millimeter”) as well, so it’ll fit right in with the bulk of their super skinny lineup. Look for this new display to start popping up in the second half of this year.