New Cell Phone Games from Oasys Mobile

New Cell Phone Games from Oasys Mobile


As you march through the desert, you thirst for just the right kind of refreshment. And then, off in the hazy distance, you see a glimmer of hope. You spot not an oasis, but rather Oasys Mobile, which has just announced a new slate of cell phone games for 2007. Four of these entries look familiar, albeit enhanced, and they are accompanied by seven all-new games, unique in their own individual ways.

For the Americans, there is UNO Classic 2007, UNO Solitaire, and UNO Freefall 2.0, as well as Texas Hold’em 2007 with Phil Hellmuth, White Water Tubin’, Casino Tycoon, and AROD MVP Baseball Challenge. For extra fresh refreshment, there is Houdini: Escape from Dead Water, Alice: Ripple in Time, Playground Legends, and Zombies.

The European, Asian, and South/Central American markets aren’t quite so lucky. They’re stuck with just versions of UNO, while Asia gets Barbie and South/Central America gets Max Steel.

You drink in the gaming pleasure and head back out into the desert with renewed vigor, equipped with some mobile entertainment that’ll make the trip a little more bearable.