Video: Samsung F300 Ultra Music Gets “Upstage”d

Video: Samsung F300 Ultra Music Gets “Upstage”d


Heading to a Sprint dealer near you is the new Samsung Upstage, formerly known to some folks as the F300, others as the Ultra Music, and others still as the SPH-M620. The most unique feature of the Samsung Upstage is that it doesn’t really have a front and a back, as both sides of the phone feature a full color display. On one side, you get a touch-sensitive directional pad and a large color screen for music playing. On the other side, you have a tiny screen and a full numerical keypad for all your calling and texting needs.

I’m not exactly sure how you would go about replacing the battery, since you can’t exactly flip it over on its back and remove the cover. Some people may also become frustrated with the tiny second screen for navigating through text messages, phonebooks, and so forth. The music side of things looks great though, and the “flip” feature is a nice novelty.

Yeah, the Samsung Upstage is two-faced.