UTStarcom Goes Back to Basics with CDM7026, CDM7076

UTStarcom Goes Back to Basics with CDM7026, CDM7076


One the one hand, you have Swiss Army knife-like phones that do everything but cook you dinner. On the other hand, you have ultra basic handsets like the newly revealed CDM7026 and CDM7076 from UTStarcom. You won’t find any fancy jewels or over-the-top features on either one of these phones. Nope, what you get are handsets that are “easy-to-use, reliable, affordable and with a bit of style.” Just a bit.

On display at CTIA Wireless 2007, both of these new CDMA clamshells sport internal antennas, MP3 ringtones, built-in speakerphones, and 1.8-inch main displays. The main difference between the two is that the CDM7076 has an integrated VGA CMOS camera, whereas the CDM7026 does not.

These UTStarcom cell phones are about as entry-level as you’re going to get, so while they didn’t explicitly mention anything about price, I’d imagine these would be a part of those “free with contract” type of deals.