Exotic Car Time Shares Give You Temporary Luxury

Exotic Car Time Shares Give You Temporary Luxury


Yes, you too can drive a Lamborghini around for the weekend. Or a Ferrari or a Corvette or an Aston Martin. It’s all part of the Exotic Car Club program DreamShare, which is offered in two locations, New York City and Miami.

Here’s the lowdown: You pay a membership fee that gives you a number of points based on what level of member you are, Elite, Titanium, and Platinum. For Elite, for example, you’ll pay US$9,000 and get 20 days of rentals on any high-flying vehicle that DreamShare has in stock. They even deliver the car for you, so it looks for all the world to your numbers like you just bought that new Spyder.

And if that 20 days isn’t enough for you, feel free to pay more. A fee of US$18,000 gets you 45 days of rentals, and the super bargain of just US$27,000 qualifies you for a full 90 days of renting Bentleys, GTs, and much more.