CallWave Voicemail Transcription Service Sums It Up

CallWave Voicemail Transcription Service Sums It Up


The world moves at a mile a minute, and so do you. You don’t have time to listen to all those messages, especially when it’s some rambling business partner that has more jabber than Fran Drescher. CallWave has created a unique voicemail transcription service — Vtxt — that doesn’t give you the whole message: it “transcribes the “gist” of a voicemail and sends this to you in one SMS message.” Because who has time to deal with the petty details.

If based on this short text message you deem the voicemail worth listening to, then you would access it as you normally would. Otherwise you can just let it die a slow getting-expired death. They’ve also mentioned that Vtxt is completely driven by propriety technology with no live operators, so you can ensure that your messages remain private.

The beta version of Vtxt is scheduled to launch in Q2. CallWave expects to “white label” the technology for carriers as well.